Thursday, January 27, 2011

I remember my time in MTC. We had an opportunity to be on Temple Square. I liked it so much. But we didn't have so much time to be there. When i was looking at the statue of Jesus Christ i was thinking that i want to come back someday... come back to Utah and come back to my Heavenly Father...

Also i had a dream to be on a Temple Square and see Christmas lights. I arrived just before Christmas and we were on a Temple Square!!! I was so happy and thankful for this opportunity.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hello! This is me - Lena Kuznetsova. I am here in Utah for one month already - i have arrived on december 23. And i am so happy to be here. I am so gratefull for the opportunity you gave me to have such a wonderful experience. Thank you so much. Miranda did so much by finding a way to help me to be where i am now. She is wonderful and all her family. Thank you so much for everything.
I am happy to write in my blog, so you will be able to know about me more and will understand why this experience is a great blessing for me.
But i can't say that i am so good in writting on my blog - even this is my first time - so i want to say SORRY, if something will be wrong. SMILE : )

First of all i was thinking that i would like to write a little about my life before this moment. It is interesting. I hope...
I am from Russia. And i love Russia even if there are so many problems and we don't have a perfect life. But something is there, what i really miss sometimes, what i feel... Why did you come to the USA then? - this will be a good question. I was feeling that this is what i should do, i didn't know exactly why, but i desided to trust my Heavenly Father and i know He knows everything. So, don't be lazy, Lena!!!! He have given you so many - trust Him and do your best!!!!

Oh, i want you to know something about Russian people. There is one missionary who had served in Izhevsk, Russia Samara mission. When he have gotten his mission calling, he was a little suprized and excited of course. He had a friend, who already finished her mission - she also was serving in Russia. So he asked her to tell about the Russians. This is her answer: "They are like oranges" Hmm... interesting... "They have a peel, sometimes it is thick and it is hard to peel it... but it is so tasty inside." This is an experience she had had about russian people. I like it!

Let me tell you about my first trip to the USA. "miracles happen" - this is all about it. I was only 14 years old. It was unbelievable dream for me. I still remember this day, when my mom told me and my sister that we have a chance to go to the USA. Actually first of all she had asked us if we would like to go to the USA and then she told that we will be able. Yay! It was hard for me to believe that i am not in a dream. So nine students from Norya secondary school were in Utah state and i and my sister among them. I liked it. I was living with a wonderful family. But after this trip i was thinking that there is something i would like to change, if i would have a chanse to be there again. So i am here now - it is the same place and the same family and i really want to be better.

I was baptised in 2005 and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. And i am so thankful for the family i lived with, for their example of happy family. And their example helped me to make a decision. I remember how one time Miranda came after Church and she said: "I love this Church!" It was hard for me to understand how they can go to the church every sunday and why do they love it so much. But now i do understand and i have the same feelings - i love this church.
I served a full-time mission in Russia Ekaterinburg mission. It was a wonderful time. During my mission i have learned to love people as our Heavenly Father loves. I love the days when i was really tired - i was tired but also so happy and thankful for the opportunities to serve people.

Ok, and now you know a little about me. I am going to write more. There is only one thing i would like to ask you. Please, be patient to me : ))